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What if I don’t want to change suppliers?

ARG has relationships with top national product and service providers that will automatically reduce dealer’s pricing to the current ARG preferred rates and programs. With better pricing and service levels, more often than not, the switch to an ARG preferred vendor makes sense. In the event a dealer prefers to stay with a particular vendor, we work with your vendor to achieve similar financial benefits.

How will this affect my daily operation?

ARG has spent over 10 years developing processes to allow for smooth transitions. An ARG representative will work with your accounting staff to collect the information needed to complete the process for you and set up simple electronic monthly reporting. The monthly reporting takes less than 5 minutes and allows ARG to verify you have received the appropriate discounts, savings, and rebates. Once a dealer is set-up in ARG’s system, we do all of the work and send you regular updates. Our systems allow us to identify fluctuations in monthly expenses and notify management of any concerns. We are able to track contract expirations and notice periods to give our dealers significant time to decide whether or not to renew a contract before the notice period expires. The process is so simple that your office staff may never have to fill out an application or agreement again.

How much savings can I expect to see?

Savings vary by product and service. With ARG, savings are just a portion of the overall value proposition we provide to our dealers. ARG dealers earn significant financial benefits in addition to dramatic reductions in products and service cost. We offer proprietary programs that will help generate significant incremental income.

We’re pretty good at sourcing services; why are you better?

Internal resources and most procurement companies are limited by the volume within a specific company. ARG is strictly focused on the auto industry and auto dealerships who typically use similar types of products and services. By using the combined buying power of all ARG clients we are better positioned to obtain significantly lower pricing and improved service levels. We already have pre-negotiated pricing and agreements with national companies for the majority of products, services, and lenders that dealers use the most. Using our rigorous RFP process we constantly review the product, programs and pricing offered by our Preferred Vendors and Lenders.

How much is the service going to cost?

ARG is so confident in our ability to produce results that we work on a pay for performance basis. Our fees are extremely simple, we are paid a percentage of the savings or incremental income generated as a result of ARG’s efforts. The percentages charged are on a fixed schedule based on the number of dealerships in the group.

We don’t have time to look right now.

Spending a few minutes with an ARG Account Executive today can mean freeing up a tremendous amount of your time in the future. We do the majority of the work for you when it comes to lender and vendor management. You will be confident that ARG and your dealership’s best interests are always perfectly aligned because the only time we make money is when your bottom line increases.

Can you tell me who the vendors are and how much we will pay?

We are not a sales organization and do not receive commission or incentives from Lenders, Vendors or Suppliers as compensation for a new or continuing relationship with a participating dealer. To be able to offer the aggressive programs and pricing we have available, we make certain representations to our Preferred Providers (Lenders and Vendors) that restrict our ability to disclose proprietary programs and pricing before a dealer becomes a client. This is done to avoid a current customer of a Preferred Provider from pressuring them to offer the same or similar programs and pricing without enrolling in the program and reducing normal profit margins.

Automotive Resource Group Inc. (ARG) does not give legal,
financial, investment or tax advice. Professional services described herein are
done through referrals to industry professionals. ARG believes that their
clients should only use qualified professionals when buying or selling a
dealership or entering into any binding contracts or agreements. ARG is happy
to refer their clients to qualified professionals. ARG highly recommends that
the companies you select specialize in the automotive industry.