Who would you rather do business with; A company who talks about how much they can save you, or a company that is willing to take all of the risk and operate completely on a pay for performance basis? At ARG there are no sign-up fees or monthly fees. In fact, there are no fees at all until after you receive a rebate, incentive, savings or incremental income as a result of our efforts.

What makes us special is our methodology is completely different than anything that has been available for small to medium size automotive retail dealer groups in the past. When a dealer group negotiates with a vendor and expects a lower price based on the number of dealerships in the group, the discount is commensurate with the number of dealerships and the total purchase power of the combined group.

ARG has spent several years researching the best-in-class products and services for our dealers and negotiating with national companies to provide an un-paralleled value proposition. Leveraging the buying power of all ARG dealers combined, we have been able to negotiate pricing on par with the larger public auto retailers. We continually monitor and measure our preferred providers’ pricing, performance, and service levels to ensure that ARG dealers are always way ahead of the curve.

Automotive Resource Group Inc. (ARG) does not give legal, financial, investment or tax advice. Professional services described herein are done through referrals to industry professionals. ARG believes that their clients should only use qualified professionals when buying or selling a dealership or entering into any binding contracts or agreements. ARG is happy to refer their clients to qualified professionals. ARG highly recommends that the companies you select specialize in the automotive industry.